Types of childcare offered by Chickadee Childcare

 Permanent Nannies

Permanent Nannies are Nannies that will work for your family for 8 weeks or more, usually for around 1-5 years. These Nannies can have sole charge of the children, share care with parents or a mixture of both. They can live in or live out and also can be full time or part time. Part time Nannies very often do before and after school care or cover the parents’ part time working hours. Usual duties of permanent Nannies include: changing the children’s beds, doing their laundry and ironing as well as cooking for the children. A Nanny will be responsible for keeping all the children’s areas and items clean and tidy. School runs, planning activities, organising outings and ‘play dates’ are all part of a Nanny’s duties. A Nanny may also accompany you and help on holidays in the UK and abroad.


Nanny Shares

Nanny shares are very often part time Nannies who cares for another family’s children on the days they don’t work for you. This usually results in the Nanny having all the children at yours or the other family’s house during the school holidays. Sometimes a Nanny share can be a Nanny who cares for two families’ children at the same time every week. As you can appreciate this is quite a difficult match to make but not one that we wouldn’t try.



Nanny/Housekeepers will usually work for families where the children are all at school. The Nanny will take care of all household duties including: laundry, cooking, housework, shopping for the whole family. They will also take care of the childcare as a full time Nanny would.


Temporary/Emergency Nannies

Temporary Nannies will usually do the same as a permanent Nanny but this will be for 8 weeks or less.


Mother’s/Father’s Help

This is more of a shared care role whereby the Nanny assists the Mother or Father throughout the day with all of the usual tasks that a permanent Nanny would do. Mother’s/Father’s Helps usually work less hours a week than a full time Nanny but more than a part time Nanny.


Maternity Nannies

Maternity Nannies work with a family straight after the birth of their child. Maternity Nannies live in, will help with or do all night feeds and help to establish desired routines for baby and parents. These Nannies are usually with a family 24/6 or 24/5 for around 6-10 weeks. They come at a much higher price but can be a great asset to mothers/fathers with physical disabilities, mums returning to work shortly after baby is born or to help families struggling with post natal depression. Maternity Nannies have great knowledge of breast feeding/sleep routines/coping as a new parent and are specialists in baby care.


Night Nannies

For parents of newborns that are returning to work, parents who work nights or for children with poor sleeping patterns. In all of the above the Nanny will try to establish good/better sleeping routines/patterns. This is usually a temporary role but can be reviewed after around 6 weeks.


Weekend Nannies

Just as it sounds, Nannies who will cover your childcare throughout the weekend.


Holiday Nannies

A holiday Nanny will either accompany and help you on holidays in the UK and abroad or will cover your childcare through the school holidays doing all the duties of a permanent Nanny.


Event Nannies

These Nannies can be used for various events including weddings and family parties etc. The Nannies will come to entertain and look after the children for you whilst you enjoy your day/evening knowing that they are not bored in a room full of adults and being well looked after. At this point in time you will need to provide all resources and toys yourselves but we are hoping to be able to offer a full package including all of this very soon.



Arrange a Babysitter through us in the safe knowledge that they have been background checked and hold a childcare qualification.  A lot of our Nannies who do babysitting have a CRB/DSB check and hold a first aid certificate. Prices differ between Nannies to reflect this and you will be placed a Nanny/Babysitter with the requirements you desire.